D'Addario Pro Arte EJ45C Classical Guitar Strings - normal tension

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D'Addario Pro Arte EJ45C Classical Guitar Strings - normal tension

Long life composite basses and high-projection 3rd string

Brilliant tone with long life. Constructed using an excusive multifilament stranded core material which dramtically improves the life and tuning consistency of the wound strings. Features an additional high-projection Composite 3rd string, which provides more tonal flexibility and balanced volume transition between the basses and trebles. The Composite 3rd is very bright, clear, and loud for a 3rd string. Regular nylon third string also included.


1 set of strings $8.99
Composite Bass Set (strings 4-6) $6.25
Composite D String $2.25

Player Comments & Reviews:

From the world's most poplular maker of classical strings. Brilliant tone with long life. Known for a "neutral" quality which lets the character of the guitar shine through.

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