Mari Flamenco Guitar Strings - Benjamin Woods Signature Set - extra hard tension

Get the flamenco guitar strings used by Sabicas and Mario Escudero - Daniel Mari Flamenco Guitar Strings. Highest quality classical guitar strings. Arabic and Turkish oud strings. Handmade cejillas. Wristies fingerless gloves. Mari Acoustic and Electric Guitar Strings. Nail care supplies. Shubb capos and string winders. Planet Waves Metronomes and tuners.
Mari Flamenco Strings Benjamin Woods Signature Set
Mari Flamenco Strings Benjamin Woods Signature Set - back

Extra hard flamenco strings for greater projection and durability

Developed for and with flamenco and flamenco/metal artist Benjamin Woods. Ben uses these strings, the 300h set, and the 200ph set on various guitars.

"I use Daniel Mari Flamenco Strings exclusively: for their long lasting life, refreshing sparkle and depth of tone. They really can take a beating and still retain their professional brilliance and durability" - Benjamin Woods

Great strings for Godin Grand Concert, ACS, and Encore guitars,the Cordoba Espana Series, 55FCE, FCWE, GK Studio and GK Studio Pro, and other amplified guitars. Made in the U.S.A.

1 set of strings $8.49
6 sets of strings $45.99
1 set of bass strings (4-6) $5.69

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