#100p Daniel Mari Professional Classical Guitar Strings - medium tension

Get the flamenco guitar strings used by Sabicas and Mario Escudero - Daniel Mari Flamenco Guitar Strings. Highest quality classical guitar strings. Arabic and Turkish oud strings. Handmade cejillas. Wristies fingerless gloves. Mari Acoustic and Electric Guitar Strings. Nail care supplies. Shubb capos and string winders. Planet Waves Metronomes and tuners.

Smooth, beautiful tone with good projection

Rich tone. Perfect balance. Easier action. Sweeter and rounder sounding than the same set in hard tension, this set has the characteristic Mari combination of warmth in the trebles, responsive basses, and even balance of tension across the strings. Made in the U.S.A.


1 set of strings $8.49
6 sets of strings $45.99
Bass Set (strings 4-6) $5.69 Temporarily out of stock
Treble Set (strings 1-3) $3.89
D String $1.99
1st String (high E) $1.17
2nd String (B) $1.31
3rd String (G) $1.44

Player Comments & Reviews:

Marcos Jaramillo prefers the #100p Bass Set with the #810 Treble Set for an unparalleled fat sound in his beautiful solo guitar work. Click here to listen.

"I just purchased a 6 set of Mari 100 strings for Classical Guitar. I love those strings and am so glad you sell them."
- Danny B., Austin, Texas, USA

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