#200ph Daniel Mari Professional Classical Guitar Strings - hard tension

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The clarity and vibrancy of the dramatic soprano

Specially developed for the concert artist requiring a penetrating sound to reach the back of the concert hall. Great tone for classical or flamenco with the characteristic Mari combination of warmth in the trebles, responsive basses, and even balance of tension across the strings.

Designated hard tension, but very comfortable to play, only slightly harder than medium tension. These strings bring out the best in your guitar, whether it's a top-level instrument or a more modest one that could benefit from greater projection. Made in the U.S.A.

1 set of strings $8.49 out of stock
6 sets of strings $45.99 out of stock
Bass Set (strings 4-6) $5.69
Treble Set (strings 1-3) $3.89
D String $1.99

Player Comments & Reviews:

"Hi Bill - I have been looking for the right string/tension for a few of my guitars to no avail. I have tried them all - Labella, D'addario, Luthiers.. I just want you to know that the Mari Blues's (#200ph) really opened up my guitar and the playability is fantastic. For my style, and the Flamenco guitars I own, this is the perfect match. I will be back to order every time! I am sold on these strings. Finally!!
Saludos amigo!
Vincent Zorn"

"I use Mari 200 strings as original equipment on my custom flamenco and classical guitars"
- Ashton Taylor, Luthier - www.AshtonTaylorGuitars.com

"Hope all is well. Just a quick note to thank you again for the great strings. I had switched back to another brand for a few months just for a change. What a pleasure to be back playing Daniel Mari. I had almost forgotten how great they sound. I think my playing improved 5% just by putting them on (seriously). Anyways, just thought I'd let you know. Cheers!"
- Peter C., Vancouver, BC, Canada

"These strings are a joy to play on. While originally discussing the "traditional" brittle flamenco sound, I have also been putting the Professional Hard Tension to use on my Casimiro Lozano Classical, and I'm very happy to report, that having eventually settled on D'Addario Pro Artes for so long, I can honestly say that after forty years of playing, Daniel Mari Strings are the finest I've ever played upon. Rich biting basses, clear brilliant trebles, and intonation maintained after stretching-in. And as a further bonus, with exchange rates as they are, they are cheaper, even with post & packing from the USA, than buying strings of this standard in Britain. I'm absolutely delighted, and thanks for introducing me to them. I shall be only too pleased to spread the gospel.
Best wishes" - Nigel W., Isle of Wight U.K.

"I recommend your site to my students and to all website guitar sale customers. Thanks" - DeltaBluesGuitar.com

"These strings are by far the best I've ever played, including some of the more expensive brands!" - Micah C., California, USA

"The best aspect of the Mari strings, other than their excellent sound qualities, is the shorter break in period. Some other strings require extensive streching and retuning, whereas the Mari strings settle in quickly and require just the normal tuning you must accomplish before you play. Thanx and a tip of the hat to you Bill." - John H., Georgia, USA

"I put these strings on my Yamaha flamenco guitar (yes I know) as soon as they arrived and they made a noticeable difference right away in terms of volume. The basses really punch through and the low E also works quite well tuned all the way down to B! I previously used Hannabach carbon fibre trebles and while they are quite sweet, the G was playing out of tune above the VIIth fret. The Mari hard tension G has eliminated that problem. It will take a while for things to become clear about the Mari strings but I'm already certain that for this guitar it was money well spent. Thanks heaps for making them available and I'll be back shortly for some more. Cheers, Lynzz [bloke] Armidale, NSW Australia"

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