#300 Daniel Mari Flamenco Guitar Strings - normal (medium) tension

Get the flamenco guitar strings used by Sabicas and Mario Escudero - Daniel Mari Flamenco Guitar Strings. Highest quality classical guitar strings. Arabic and Turkish oud strings. Handmade cejillas. Wristies fingerless gloves. Mari Acoustic and Electric Guitar Strings. Nail care supplies. Shubb capos and string winders. Planet Waves Metronomes and tuners.

Great brilliance and vibrancy for your flamenco guitar

Expressly developed for the flamenco style of playing to give that unique brilliance and vibrancy of the Andalusian music. This set exhibits the characteristic Mari combination of warmth in the trebles, responsive basses, and even balance of tension across the strings. Developed by Daniel Mari for and with Sabicas, and also used by Mario Escudero. Made in the U.S.A.

1 set of strings $7.99
6 sets of strings $43.49
Bass Set (strings 4-6) $5.49
Treble Set (strings 1-3) $3.69
D String $1.99
Wound G String - super projection, great for dance accompanists $1.99

Player Comments & Reviews:

"Gypsy Crims perform only on the best Flamenco guitars, Media Luna Conde Hermanos guitars made by Faustino and Mariano Senior, Daniel Mari Strings are the only strings on the Market that truly bring out all the quality's of these guitars. I will give you an example : the other guitarist in our group had trouble getting an ample sound out of his guitar in acoustic scenario's, once i gave him a set of Daniel Mari strings to try out, he was literally blown away by the fact that he finally had the volume with touch control he had always dreamed of, after trying other reputable strings for the 20 years he has owned his Conde Negra Paco De Lucia model from Gravina 7 he can now play lightly and have more volume than if he were to play with forte on the old strings he used to use. Expensive does not always mean you are getting the best product available and in this circumstance quite the opposite. If you wish you can continue paying outragous amounts of money for strings that may be better known and come with a fancy package but if i were you i would try Daniel Mari strings atleast once in your life, you will not be dissapointed. Incredible strings for incredible guitars."
-Orlando (Vikingo De Jerez)
Gypsy Crims - www.myspace.com/gypsycrims

"Nothing I have ever used on my guitar matches them for balance and authentic flamenco sound." -Jim, North Carolina

"These strings sound great on my Almansa Flamenco guitar. My high 'E' string finally has some bite to it and the intonation is great."
-Peter Cernohorsky, Vancouver, BC

"Great strings perfect for my flamenco guitar, great price! Thanks!!
-Juan, California

-Keith, North Carolina

"... just a note to let you know I love these strings...I have an Amalio Burguet student flamenco..that sounds better than ever with these strings...I have tried LaBella, Hannabach, Savarez, D'Addario, and Conde Hermanos...these strings sound the best out of all of those..thanks for sharing!"
-Brian, Colorado

"FANTASTIC STRINGS! Fast shipping."
-Kerry, Washington

I am a novice player, yet I love your strings. I get such a beautiful, full sound from them.
-Anthony, Virginia

"Hey Bill, I've been playing your Daniel Mari flamenco strings on my Admira student flamenco and I couldn't be happier. My guitar sounded kind of average with standard strings but now it sounds tuff! It's a lot more enjoyable to practice with now.
Thanks again" -Andy, Melbourne, Australia

"This is my third time purchasing strings from Bill Ostrie and I'm always pleased with the product and his prompt communication and fast delivery. I always tried the medium tension, but this time thought to purchase the Light tension. Haven't tried them on yet, but I'm sure they are as good as the medium ones. The sound is clear and crisp, in addition they last longer than other brands I used such as Savarez." -Shervin M., Melbourne, Australia

"So far I have tried the flamenco set on a modest Antonio Lorca model 16 - my first impressions are: - Distinctive, bright sound - good for rasqueados - very authentic - Good dynamics - sound good played soft as well as loud - Good sustain - Good balance - Rings out with the fundamental still audible - My co-musician and wife, Annette, says the sound is very powerfull"
- Niels C., Skodsborg, Denmark

About the wound 3rd string:
"I put your string on about an hour ago. When I played it, I liked it very much. Its volume is as good as my Savarez.. It is loud. The sound lingers a bit longer. It is piercing due to its metal wound construction. It tuned up quickly. After a few tightenings, it stayed in tune." - Antonio M., California, USA

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