#300XL Mari Flamenco Guitar Strings - extra-light tension

Get the flamenco guitar strings used by Sabicas and Mario Escudero - Daniel Mari Flamenco Guitar Strings. Highest quality classical guitar strings. Arabic and Turkish oud strings. Handmade cejillas. Wristies fingerless gloves. Mari Acoustic and Electric Guitar Strings. Nail care supplies. Shubb capos and string winders. Planet Waves Metronomes and tuners.

Extra-light Flamenco strings for easier action and for longer-scale guitars

For players requiring the lightest action flamenco strings, or lighter tension strings for an instrument with a longer scale-length. Made in the U.S.A.

1 set of strings $7.99
6 sets of strings $43.49
Bass Set (strings 4-6) $5.49
Treble Set (strings 1-3) $3.49
D String $1.99

Player Comments & Reviews:

"String tension is a personal (and sometimes difficult) choice. Ostrie Music Supplies makes that choice a lot easier with the most complete selection of Daniel Mari Flamenco and Classical guitar strings. Available in gauges from extra light to extra hard tension (and everything in between),I’ve found these strings to be exceptional in sound quality, craftsmanship, and very accurate in tension. For me personally I use the Daniel Mari 300XL (extra light gauge) strings on my amplified nylon string guitars as they play effortlessly, especially when playing jazz style chord solos on longer gigs/sessions. (For un-amplified Flamenco and Classical style playing I would recommend a harder tension for better projection). Thanks Bill Ostrie for being very knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with!"
-Michael Bianco www.michaelbianco.net

"Expensive does not always mean you are getting the best product available and in this circumstance quite the opposite. If you wish you can continue paying outrageous amounts of money for strings that may be better known and come with a fancy package but if i were you i would try Daniel Mari strings atleast once in your life, you will not be dissapointed. Incredible strings for incredible guitars."
-Rowland Schultz (Vikingo De Jerez) http://www.myspace.com/vikingodejerez

"The 300xl are very nice strings, I put the yesterday on my flamenca and they sound really very good." -Robert, Sölden, Germany

"I received my extra-light Mari guitar strings in the mail last Friday and of course I couldn’t wait to try them out. I decided to use these on my Art and Lutherie Ami classical guitar which has a narrower neck. I had D’Addario extra light strings on this guitar previously, but I do have Mari’s on my other classical La Patrie Motif…. I am always comparing my Motif and my Ami because the Motif tone is so much superior to the Ami even though they look the same (both Canadian parlor shape cedar top guitars). With the new strings W-O-W. I was not giving my poor little Ami the credit she deserved! It was like playing a new guitar! I am only a beginning guitar player (have been taking off and on for 9 years). Well my fingers were quite sore from playing for a couple of hours – with my limited repertoire and a few rasqueados I’ve learned. This morning I went over to the guitar and it was slightly more out of tune w/the new strings than usual but I put her back in tune and almost was late getting ready for work because I decided to play for a "little while". -Sandra, Albany, California, USA

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