#810 Mari Singing Gold Artist Series Classical Guitar Strings - hard tension

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The rich resonance and singing quality of the baritone

Sweeter, richer sounding classical strings with golden bronze-wound basses to reproduce the singing quality of the baritone. Great tone for classical, jazz, bossa nova..., and for creating a different voice in guitar ensembles. This set has the characteristic Mari combination of warmth in the trebles, responsive basses, and even balance of tension across the strings. Designated hard tension, but very comfortable to play, only slightly harder feeling than medium tension. Made in the U.S.A.

1 set of strings $8.49
6 sets of strings $45.99
Treble Set (strings 1-3) $3.89

Player Comments & Reviews:

Marcos Jaramillo prefers the #100p Bass Set with the #810 Treble Set for an unparalleled fat sound in his beautiful solo guitar work. Click here to listen.

I got the strings to-day. I’ve been looking for these strings from time to time ever since i bought a couple of sets in a danish music shop some twenty-odd years ago. When his supply ran out the owner didn’t even remember them nor where he got them from, and noone else around had them or knew them. So thanks again! - Lau B., Denmark

I tried the Classical gold strings on my Almansa Flamenco guitar. I found them to be a bit dull sounding.
The tension also felt a bit lighter than the normal classical hard tension strings so the response was not what
I was use to. I play both Classical and Flamenco and prefer the bright sound and tone of the Classical hard tension 200ph.
- Peter C., Vancouver, BC, Canada (The #810 set definitely offers a mellower, sweeter sound than the #200ph set, more suitable for jazz or classical playing than flamenco. -Bill Ostrie II)

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