#900b Mari Artist Series Classical Guitar Strings - hard tension

Get the flamenco guitar strings used by Sabicas and Mario Escudero - Daniel Mari Flamenco Guitar Strings. Highest quality classical guitar strings. Arabic and Turkish oud strings. Handmade cejillas. Wristies fingerless gloves. Mari Acoustic and Electric Guitar Strings. Nail care supplies. Shubb capos and string winders. Planet Waves Metronomes and tuners.
Daniel Mari 900b Classical Guitar Strings for sale

The ultra-rich resonance and singing quality of the bass

High tension phosphor-bronze-wound bass strings produce the rich resonance and singing quality of a bass. Black nylon trebles yield crisp, clear high notes. Beautiful tone for classical or jazz, or for guitar ensemble where distinctions between guitars are important. On a flamenco guitar, this set brings out the dark side, giving something of the flavor and richness of a negra. Designated hard tension, but very comfortable to play, only slightly harder feeling than medium tension. Made in the U.S.A.

1 set of strings $8.49
6 sets of strings $45.99
Phosphor Bronze Bass Set (strings 4-6) $5.69
Black Nylon Treble Set
(strings 1-3)

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