Nail Care Supplies for Guitarists

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nail care supplies for guitarists

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RubyStone ... $3.99 each
Synthetic stone file never wears out.

Synthetic stone file (aluminum oxide, like rubies) works gently on your nails, safely filing in both directions. Leaves nails smoother than fine filing, but not as slick as buffing. Great for use after fine file on OPI Pocket File (above). Never wears out under normal use. 4.5" long.

Tropical Shine 4-way shiner nail buffer
4-Way Shiner ... $3.25 each
Quick way to a very smooth finish.

A quick,easy way to polish the ends of the nails for a more consistent sound and feel. Use after fine filing or Ruby Stone. 4 progressively finer surfaces with instructions printed on shiner for order of use. Soft surface smooths nails without changing their shape. Buff with very light pressure. Washable.

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